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Free Facebook Credit

Facebook Credits are a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods in any games or apps of the Facebook platform that accept payments. You can purchase Facebook Credits directly from within an app using your credit card, PayPal or mobile phone. However you can also earn free Facebook Credits, without paying for them.

with legit details, and complete offers. There are many free and easy offers to do, like completing surveys, watching video, downloading apps and LIKE facebook pages. Register now and get a 250 points sign up bonus.
It's wonderful to be paid to watch videos, isn't it? The most beautiful part of this website, is that you can also use your points to purchase items on amazon, or transfer them on your paypal account.
100 points = $ 1.00

This can be possible because this website works with different advertisers. They give their links to the website, that then has members who are interested in that offer. When that offer is used, the website gets paid for sending the customer to the advertiser. When the website gets paid, it pays a big portion of that back to the member who completed the offer.

This makes for a happy relationship between everyone. The advertiser receives the members that they want, the website receives the funds to keep itself up and running, and then gives a portion of that money to the member.
This website is excellent specially for people coming from US, UK and Canada.

Remember to complete this three steps and that everything is completely FREE:
  • create a new account.
  • complete the registration in the section ACCOUNT -> Your Profile.
  • verify your email address with the verification code you will receive.

There are mainly four categories of offers to complete:

1) The first one gives you a small reward, but I suggest you to complete these offers, because they are very fast and easy. For example a video to watch or a facebook page to like belong to this category.
Videos are advertised by Sponsorpay, Matomy, V11 Media and RadiumOne. Sometimes you can also find some videos advertised by SupersonicAds, SuperRewards and Tokanads.

2) The second category gives you usually from 50 to 100 points to complete surveys. They are usually short (from 10 to 20 minutes), but sometimes being disqualified can be frustrating. With a bit of experience you will learn to provide the correct question to continue the survey and get points at the end. Remember that advertisers are always looking for a selected target. However I can't complain about the qualification, because usually every day there is at least a survey that is looking for a woman, 45-50 years old, full-time employed, with a car, a child 12-17 years old, and who takes care of each issue in the whole family.

3) Offers which require a registration belong to the third category. This is my favourite one, because you can earn really many points in few time. The only thing you have to do to get points is provide an email address and register everywhere (registration is always FREE, obviously). The welcome email you will receive will be the proof that you completed that offer. Fast, simple, and easy. I suggest you to create another account (or many other) with hotmail, and register with it, to avoid to receive many useless email in your main account.

4) The last category ask you to download and install an app to be rewarded. I suggest you to ignore these offers, because I suppose that you take care of your computer. However, if you uninstall the app after have been rewarded, you can get many points.

Finally there are also some offers which require a purchase, but they are not interesting because we are looking for FREE FACEBOOK CREDITS.
Many other advices will be provided after your registration, so you will be able to earn at least 1 Facebook credit per day.

Have you already registered? What are you waiting for?

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