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How I Got 39,000 Twitter Followers

*Updated in 2013*
Most of you already know my Twitter account @ WebDesignDev has more than 39,000 Twitter followers. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment because very few web design blogs command such a large following. I get 150+ clicks for every tweet that I send and tens of thousands of visitors from Twitter every single month. Today, I’m going to share with you my secret as to how I got my 39,000  followers.
When I just started WebDesignDev.com, I obviously didn’t have a Twitter following. As a matter of fact, getting Twitter followers isn’t easy at all – most of you already know this from experience. It wasn’t easy for me either. That is, until I came up with a strategy. Read on to find out how I did it.
One day I was writing a blog post on WebDesignDev and it hit me: “why don’t I follow the followers of successful web design blogs?”. I thought surely many of them will follow me. After all, I am in the same niche and my blog provides valuable web design insight, advice and resources. I started out by adding 100 followers a day from top web design blogs and websites. Many of them would follow me back, and they were exactly the followers I was looking for: not some automated bots, not some people only interested in selling something, but instead, people who are genuinely interested in learning about web design.  But adding so many people every day was just too time consuming, so I took a break for about a week. When I was ready to start adding people again, I thought to myself…there must be some sort of tool out there that will help me automate this process. And that is when I accidentally stumbled across TweetAdder.
This is how I’ve used TweetAdder to help me get 39,000 targeted followers that I have now:
First you must of course log in and it will take you to the main window. Once you log in, click on Open User and select the Twitter profile you want to use.
Next, click on Follow and make sure you click on Automation On so that you automatically follow people without lifting a finger. You can keep the Automation settings at the bottom as default, which will give you about 144 people that you follow per day. Even assuming a 1.44:1 follow back ratio, that’s 100 real, targeted followers every single day. If you want you can set shorter follow duration to get more followers, but I would recommend keeping the follows to no more than 200 per day.
Next, click on “Tweet Search” under the Search Users To Follow section:
Tweet Search
Next, make sure you click on Automation On. Afterwards, start adding all of the web design related keywords in the box below. You will only need to do this once.
Add keywords
When you are done, it will look something like this:
keywords added
TweetAdder has definitely been a lifesaver for me. What are you waiting for? Start building your huge Twitter following by using it like I am. They even offer a free trial.
Tip: coupon WEB20 will get you 20% off.
After you build a sufficiently large following of Twitter users, stay active! Use your Twitter account daily and tweet things that people will find useful. Tweet news, promotions, advice, etc. If you send a useful tweet to your followers it WILL get retweeted and the followers of your followers will follow you too.
If you’ve found my advice helpful, please do leave a comment and tell me how much your Twitter followers list has grown!
And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

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